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Don't despair and please don't label yourself infertile-- you're just not pregnant YET.  

There are many natural treatments that will help you increase fertility. Acupuncture and other natural remedies are very effective at helping couples with fertility issues. Stillwater has a very high success rate helping women conceive.  


Fertility acupuncture always involves dietary recommendations, supplement suggestions and lifestyle advice.

At Stillwater, two-thirds of acupuncture patients who conceived did so naturally and one-third have conceived with the help of IVF or IUI.

What conditions may improve with acupuncture?


Stillwater works with patients who've been diagnosed with:


    unexplained infertility (60% of diagnoses)

    male infertility




    blocked fallopian tubes

    uterine cysts

    frequent miscarriage  

We've had success with all of these conditions, and give each patient an individualized treatment plan according to their unique diagnosis.

How does acupuncture work to increase fertility?

It's well-documented that acupuncture has a positive effect on fertility and pregnancy outcomes. Studies have shown that this is because acupuncture:

  • notably improves the function of ovaries, producing higher quality eggs.  This is important for older moms wanting to conceive

  • balances hormone levels and regulates the endocrine system

  • increases the blood flow to reproductive organs including the uterus, which can increase the thickness of the uterine lining to help with implantation, reducing miscarriage

  • relaxes the muscles in the uterine wall to help ensure implantation

  • relaxes and de-stresses the whole body

  • prevents contractions early in pregnancy and post-IVF transfer which helps to prevent early miscarriage

  • increases blood flow in male patients to increase sperm production and the quality of spermatic fluid.

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