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About me

My Story
My Philosophy

My practice focuses on fertility, healthy pregnancy and delivery, IVF/IUI support and women's health and wellness issues.

I have three grown sons, all athletes, and have had much experience with sports medicine acupuncture.  I love sharing my natural healing skills with patients and want everyone to know that there are effective alternatives to medication and surgery for many symptoms. 

My passion for natural healing techniques and nutritional healing stemmed from my own son's early childhood adverse reaction to conventional steroid therapy for allergies, asthma and pneumonia.  My son's success with nonconventional treatment encouraged me to seek more information about natural healing, eventually leading me to acupuncture school. 

I consider it a great honor to share what I've learned about natural health care strategies with my patients.

"I 100% believe that without acupuncture, we would not be having a baby next week. We are truly grateful for everything you have done"

At Stillwater, I treat many types of health needs, but I have more than a decade of success treating patients with fertility issues. My passion is to treat fertility holistically, as an integrative health concern rather than as an illness requiring intervention.  


Stillwater has an amazing success rate working with women previously unable to conceive.  The most successful patients integrate dietary and lifestyle changes along with their acupuncture treatments.

Acupuncture is not designed to be curative in one visit.  Many symptoms take 4-6 visits to resolve.

My Training
Licensed Acupuncturist
M.Ac. from the Maryland University of Integrative Health

B.A. Psychology

Gettysburg College

Postgraduate Studies

Fertility and Obstetrics with Randine Lewis, M.D. Pediatric Acupuncture under Dr. Stephen Cowan, M.D.

Electroacupuncture training with Dr. Heming Zhu, M.D.

NADA certified in addictions auricular acupuncture

"Robin was very knowledgeable about natural cures for pregnancy ailments like morning sickness, headaches and skin issues, which was great since I am someone who does not want to take medication."
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